Erica Banks is an Canadian-American rapper who is known for dropping frequent thirst traps. She got a Brazilian butt lift back in July and recently put it on full display while twerking at a pep rally. Banks got dragged mercilessly for her act but it seems like she is standing by her decision.

Erica Banks recently ramped up the crowd with her twerking skills at Frederick Douglass High School. The coaches had to restrain the football players from becoming overly engrossed in the dancing moves. However, social media had an entirely different response after the moves were posted online.

One user wrote: “Mind you she at a high school!!”

Another commented: “Why tf you twerking for children!”

A third one chimed in: “Who is Erica Banks manager? Why is she throwing it back for teens?”

A fourth user added: “Why was you twerking for underage boys?”

Erica Banks later responded to the criticism on Instagram. She left a comment on The Neighborhood Talk‘s post that compiled many of the criticisms of her work.

Other commenters pointed out that the institution should be held accountable for initially scheduling the “Buss It” rapper. Erica released Diary of The Flow Queen earlier this summer, which featured contributions from Beatking, DreamDoll, and Bankroll Freddie. Watch the rapper’s performance and the emotions it sparked below.

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Gunjan Nath

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