Vanessa Bryant has been going through the motion as she moves forward with the Kobe Bryant crash photos case. Bryant is seeking damages for the emotional distress she underwent following the leak of pictures from the crash which revealed the death of legend Kobe Bryant and their daughter, Gianna.

The case has been building up with new details coming to the fold. It was recently revealed that the deputies first exchanged pictures of the crash during a game of Call of Duty. It turns out that one of the LA County Fire Department supervisors already wanted the pictures gone from the devices of deputies.

Sky Cornell took to stand and revealed that the Los Angeles County Fire Department’s Public Information Officer, Anthony Joseph “Tony” Imbrenda, referred to the crash pics as “plutonium.” The report comes from TMZ.

that stuff is plutonium. If you have any, you should get rid of them.


Cornell worked for Imbrenda during the time of the January 2020 crash. Imbrenda got the photos right after the crash, as per Cornell’s testimony. He later saw the photos on an officer’s phone while attending an awards ceremony.

After the news of officials having the pictures became public, Cornell and other employees were told to delete the pictures instantly. Cornell revealed further an email from another one of the officials as a reminder about the pictures.

just a reminder folks, there are no secrets! One way or another people get exposed.

Arlin Kahan, another LACFD official, testified that he took the pictures that Imbrenda officially received. Kahan clarified that he just wanted an objective picture of the crash without any human remains. Many such insights have come out of the case, which is expected to carry on Friday.

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