Kobe Bryant’s sudden death shocked the world of the NBA. Fans from all over the world came together to mourn the passing of the prolific player. His wife took the issue of the crash photos being leaked to court.

Vanessa Bryant has been going through with the trial and even denied psych evaluation in the case. TMZ reports it was revealed in court that the deputy leaked the photos to another cop while they were playing ‘Call of Duty’ together. Michael Russell, the L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy, revealed the detail on Tuesday.

Russell says that the photos were exchanged a short while after the accident of the Lakers titan took place. Both Bryant and his daughter Gianna passed away in the unexpected January 2020 helicopter crash.

Joey Cruz, a fellow deputy to Russell, sent the photos to him following the crash. Russell testified that he first asked the Santa Clarita deputy Ben Sanchez if he wanted to see the pics, and sent them after he agreed. That’s when they were both enjoying the popular first-person shooter.

Russell also admitted that he shouldn’t have done that and that his punishment of getting a write-up was also relatively minor. Cruz, who first gave away the pics, also confessed to showing the pics to a bartender.

The Sheriff added that he sent the photos to recover from the stress of the whole situation. He also expressed his remorse over it. Vanessa Bryant is suing authorities for the emotional distress caused by the spread of the photos. It had made it to the news before she was formally informed of her tragic loss. The trial is going to go on further during this week.

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