The rivalry between Jake Paul and KSI has never ended, and it appears that there will be no resolution in the future. Fans must have noted that both of the famed boxers never miss an opportunity to mock each other, and now Jake Paul has his chance. Recently, Jake Paul slams KSI for fighting two fights in one night, which appears to be a publicity stunt.

TMZ reported that when KSI will get into the ring on August 27, he will face not one, but two adversaries, and his rival Jake Paul is scoffing at the concept, saying it all sounds like a set-up.

The English YouTuber is scheduled to face both rapper Swarmz and Bulgarian pro middleweight Ivan Nikolov at the O2 in London. However, this is not the first time a boxer has faced more than one opponent in a single night.

In fact, George Foreman won five fights in one day in 1975 but, as Jake points out, it wasn’t always a pleasant experience for the audience. Jake wasn’t able to restrain himself from prompting and he went to his Twitter account and began tweeting.

“George Foreman fought 4 people in 1 night and it was an awful showing.”

“At first it seemed like a good idea but eventually it actually pissed the fans off because they realized all the opponents were put in to lose. It was was basically a stunt, not worth the price of admission.”

Jake’s assessment is correct; according to reports from the night, supporters were booing by the time Foreman arrived on the scene. Even if he doesn’t name him, it’s clear Jake is referring to KSI’s latest announcement, which organizers are hoping would keep fans engaged after Alex Wassabi was forced to withdraw due to a concussion.

In terms of battling, Jake and KSI have only agreed to meet in 2023. Fans have to wait for months to see two genuine rivals square off in a single ring. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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