Jake Paul has been fighting for the rights of UFC fighters regarding fighters getting paid a fair wage for putting their bodies on the line. Jake Paul had previously ripped Dana White over UFC not paying their fighters properly. He is also serious about a possible MMA career by the looks of it.

Earlier this year, Jake Paul received an open invitation to compete in a fight in Bellator by CEO Scott Coker. In response to the open invitation, Jake Paul even showed off a video where he was seemingly preparing for a fight in MMA.

He continued to train for a possible MMA fight while mocking Conor McGregor last month. Paul even previously claimed that he will make his MMA debut as a welterweight.

While speaking on The Fight with Teddy Atlas, Jake Paul talked about a career in the world of MMA. The Problem Child claimed that it is undeniable that he will compete in the UFC soon.

“I think it’s timing. And proving myself more in the boxing side of things, and pretty soon the UFC and MMA side, it’ll be undeniable for me to get into the octagon or fight for one of these other organizations against a big name. So I think it’s all a timing thing. And Dana seems to be open to it. He said on my brother’s podcast he might let Logan fight in the UFC. And I think he’s coming around to me and starting to see what I’m about and what I actually stand for. Obviously he doesn’t like me harping on the fighter pay side of thing and sorta harming his business, and being a shareholder in Endeavor and pushing on the investment side of things. There’s definitely a feud there, so … we’ll see what happens.”

Even Wiz Khalifa wants to bring Jake Paul to Professional Fighters League. It remains to be seen whether Jake Paul will eventually make his way to the MMA world or not. It seems highly likely at this point in time.

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