Jake Paul was set to fight Hasim Rahman after Tommy Fury pulled out of their upcoming fight at Madison Square Garden. When there was an issue with Rahman’s weight going into the fight, Jake pulled out. That wasn’t the only issue at play when the decision was made to cancel the event.

There was an entire undercard set to box at the world’s most famous arena. Instead of scrambling to find a replacement opponent for Jake Paul, the entire event was canceled. While Hasim Rahman’s weight issue was part of it, lack of interest in the show also played a big role. The promoters were set to lose a lot of money if they went forward.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Jake Paul’s issue with Rahman’s weight was legitimate. However, they could have found a late replacement, as interested people only cared about seeing Jake fight. The number of those people appears to have been lower than expected, so the plug was pulled.

“[Rahman was set to fight at] 215, at that point, he’s got a 25-pound weight advantage and they were not going to go with that and the agreement was like, I believe, 200, and that is part of why the fight was off. I think that perhaps they could’ve gotten a late replacement and I think they could have and Madison Square Garden’s booked. They had a whole card. People would sort of understand. I think that the deal why they didn’t get a replacement was because they knew that the show was not going to do well and it would probably be financially in their best interest not to run the show, so I think it is a combination because Dana [White] was talking about the money aspect of it and the fact that it wasn’t drawing. But, the weight issue, that is a legit issue, so I think it’s a little bit of both as far as the real story goes.”

Jake Paul’s brother, Logan Paul, recently wrestled at WWE’s SummerSlam premium live event. His performance was largely considered excellent for a wrestler with limited experience. If the interest in Logan’s boxing career has waned, that could be an option.

It remains to be seen what Jake Paul will do next. He could find another opponent and schedule a different fight. A lot of faith from fans has already been lost, and it might not be as big of a financial hit as Jake would hope. Time will tell if Paul continues his dreams of being a big-time boxer, but there is an opportunity for him in WWE if that’s where he decides to go.

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