Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz’s marital relationship is well recognized in the industry, because of their affection for one other. Klum has a sarcastic personality that no one can deny. Heidi recently made a joke about something that astonished her fans. Heidi Klum stated that she keeps herself young by drinking her husband Tom Kaulitz’s blood ‘like a vampire.’

Heidi Klum adores her husband, Tom Kaulitz. During a new interview with Daily Pop, released on August 10th, the model joked that she liked to drink her husband’s blood. Heidi reacted to the interviewer’s question about her favorite aspects of being married to the Tokio Hotel guitarist with a beautiful remark before joking about drinking blood.

 “His kindness, sexy. I suck his young blood. That’s what I’m doing.”

Heidi admitted she likes to “suck his youthful blood,” and the interviewer joked that America’s Got Talent judge should be careful what she says on television. Heidi dismissed her concerns. “You can suck blood. Like a vampire,” she explained. Heidi, on the other hand, revealed that she is overjoyed with Tom, as they celebrated their three-year anniversary earlier this month.


“It flew by, but it feels like a lifetime already. I just know him so well. We just gel really well. I don’t know. I just feel like finally, I found the one. So far, so good! I hope it stays that way.”

While the model’s reaction to her feelings for Tom may come as a surprise, it should come as no surprise given Heidi’s fondness for Halloween. Heidi has never hidden her enthusiasm for the Halloween season, despite the fact that it is still nearly two months away. While Klum’s traditional Halloween bash was canceled due to COVID in 2021, she still got into the holiday spirit with plenty of spooky clothes.

Early in the month, one of her first costumes for the season showed her sleeping across two tombstones adorned with her and Tom’s names. Heidi did post a short film, just in time for Halloween, in which she paid tribute to her favorite horror movies such as The Shining, Night of the Living Dead, and The Exorcist.

Perhaps she was hinting at her 2022 costume when she joked about drinking Tom’s “young blood.” Maybe by October, fans will see Heidi in her vampire disguise. Till then stay tuned to Thirsty for further updates.

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