Basketball player Kyrie Irving is renowned for his ardor for the sport. Fans love Irving’s talent and commitment towards his game. Kyrie Irving logged onto Twitter and gave his fans some hints about his post-NBA career plans.

Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving gave a few hints about his future in two tweets on Twitter on Friday, amid rumors about where he will play for the remainder of his NBA career. After Irving posted a video of the late Kobe Bryant complimenting the 30-year-play old’s as highlight reels played, the tweet was sent.

“I don’t ever have to Gas myself up. I am going on my 12th year in the best league in the world and I am only getting better. When I am 38 years old and have time to reflect on my career truly, I will do so, but until then, I am enjoying every moment.”

“And no I won’t be done playing basketball at 38 years old lol, I’ll be in leagues all over the world playing and teaching the youth all that was taught to me.”

Weeks have gone with little progress, despite earlier this off-season rumors that the Nets would trade both of their superplayers, Irving and Kevin Durant. The organization’s ability to deal with any of the players before the start of the regular season has been questioned by several observers.

Kyrie Irving has made some suggestions regarding his post-NBA goals. He appears to have no intention of giving up his love of basketball. What do you think of it? Sound off in the comments. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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