Chris Rock and Kevin Hart recently gave a sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City. They were accompanied by special guest and fellow comic veteran Dave Chappelle. Hart surprised Rock during the performance with a real, live goat, but it wasn’t just any goat.

This goat had a unique moniker chosen just for Rock. In an Instagram clip posted by The Art of Dialogue, Hart can be heard saying that he bought the goat specially for Chris Rock. Chappelle also chimed in as the banter between the three comedic heavyweights continued.

Hart said: “You have to keep the goat. I bought you the f-cking goat. I’m not joking. I really bought the f-cking goat.”

Rock protested, “I have an apartment, Kevin.”

Hart replied: “That’s not my problem.”

Rock responded with a chuckle, “They barely let n—-s in there.”

Chappelle asked, “What are you going to name this goat Chris?”

Hart interrupted, “The name is Will Smith. What?! What did I say?”

Of course, Kevin Hart is fully aware of what he said. The crowd erupted with laughter to their performance. Will Smith recently slapped Chris Rock on live television during the 94th Annual Academy Awards in March for making a G.I. Jane joke about his wife Jada Pinkett.

Smith swiftly apologized to Rock in front of the public and left the Recording Academy. However, the damage was done in every spheres of entertainment. Check out the video below.

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