Doja Cat is one of the most popular pop stars in the industry right now, as her passion continues to inspire fans. She gained superstardom thanks to her unique aesthetic and singing ability. Doja Cat recently went topless in a steamy new video for Post Malone’s song.

Post Malone’s fourth studio album, twelve carat toothache, was released earlier this summer. Although it was possibly his least well-received album to date, Posty has continued to push his most recent body of work with breathtaking graphics for its most well-known songs. Post Malone, who is nominated for a Grammy, has already released music videos for his cheerful collaborations with Doja Cat and Roddy Ricch, “Cooped Up,” “Insane,” and “One Right Now.”

Today, he dropped the vibrant visuals for “I Like You (A Happier Song).” Post Malone can be seen painting an abstract portrait of a woman in the opening scene of the music video. The video begins with an off-screen narrator saying in French. “My dear friends, come join me in the wonderful world of love.”

Post is then drawn into his work and taken to a sunny field where couples are having private moments and are surrounded by flowers. The Planet Her artist Doja Cat is seen running across a field of flowers topless before to her verse. After adding some flower petals to her body, Doja acted as the subject for Post Malone’s image.

Fans of the musicians will definitely like all of the silly and humorous pictures throughout the video. It is the ideal accompaniment to the lively song. Check out the amazing visuals for Post Malone and Doja Cat’s twelve carat toothache standout track “I Like You (A Happier Song)” below.

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