DaBaby is well beyond his Rolling Loud controversy. 50 Cent showed great faith in him and said that he would get past it, and he was right. Now that he is set to perform on Rolling Loud once again, the topic is once again a topic for discussion from fans.

The rapper had to build back up from the controversy. One of the most notable things he lost from it was a featurette on Dua Lipa’s Levitating (Remix). Even though he was cut short from the song months after its release, he still made major bank from it.

DaBaby appeared on the latest episode of the Nelk Boys podcast. He talked about Stunna 4 Vegas’ claiming that he got paid $350,000 to get the verse from the rapper.

Dua Lipa apparently did pay him in 6 figures, as per the rapper. However, he said that it was close to $300,000 instead. It’s debatable whether Dua Lipa got her money’s worth though since she dropped the rapper a few months after its release.


DaBaby is fully back in his groove regardless. He revealed that he’s getting about $200k just for casual club appearances. He even got paid almost half a million after performing at South Korea’s Olympic stadium. The rapper still hasn’t released an album in two years, but he said that the “Baby On Baby 2” sequel album is going to be out in August.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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