DaBaby became the public’s worst enemy after making multiple homophobic and misogynistic slurs during his Rolling Loud Miami performance. DaBaby apologized for his words in an Instagram statement but deleted it afterwards. It seems he has again addressed the controversy.

Months later, the Billboard chart-topping rapper addressed the topic with The Breakfast Club, insisting that he had been misunderstood. DaBaby went ahead to explain that the controversial clip was cut short and made people to believe in something that is not true.

I didn’t mean what you think I meant. What you want me to do? Go look myself in the mirror and say, ‘You don’t like gay people?’ Nah. I’m not trippin’ on gay people at all. If I said what I said to get people to raise they cell phones and it was misinterpreted by people who watch a five-second clip at home. You not supposed to understand what’s going on. You could raise your cell phone if you wanted to. You ain’t supposed to be able to digest a clip that’s been altered and shortened with a narrative to go along with it, with enough people driving it, it gonna do what it do.

When I tell you that, ‘OK cool, let’s move forward knowing that wasn’t my intention.’ Hey look, if I ain’t murdered a man, I don’t care who said, ‘You killed him, you killed him, you killed him.’ I did not kill the man. They want me to plead guilty to what they’re saying. There’s gay people in my family. What I look like?

DaBaby’s original statements were made while he was attempting to whip up the crowd. The backlash was immediate, and DaBaby responded with an Instagram video that only seemed to exacerbate the problem. While Rolling Loud and others have forgiven DaBaby, not everyone was quick to forgive him.

He also called his critics crybabies and for the same reason, no one had any interest in forgiving him. Now that he is defending himself, he might be subject to even more backlash from fans. Another criticism DaBaby has been facing is due to him sounding similar in all of his songs as of late.

H/T to HipHopDX for transcription.

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