Ricky Martin has gained a lot of prominence in millions of hearts because of his musical versatility. However, recently, Ricky has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons that led to legal action. The pop legend was hit with a restraining order recently.

According to Jean Casarez of CNN, Martin has been served with a restraining order over his nephew’s allegations. Puerto Rican police officials confirmed serving music star Ricky Martin, through his attorney, an order of protection filed by his nephew. According to the restraining order against Ricky, he was in a relationship with his nephew for seven months.

The victim claimed that after they purportedly broke up, he dreaded being harassed by Ricky. The accuser has been identified by TMZ as Dennis Yadiel Sanchez. Additionally, Ricky has refuted these claims.

The accuser is “mentally challenged,” according to both the musician’s lawyer and his brother. They are eager to have this lawsuit dismissed as quickly as they can. Ricky is apparently required to stay away from this person, including refraining from all communication, until this matter can be resolved in front of a judge as a result of the order reportedly being obtained.

Ricky has had a difficult few weeks, having been smacked with a $3 million lawsuit by his former manager and now the incest case. We’ll have to wait and watch how these scenarios play out in the near future, or if they can be resolved outside of court. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more such news.

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