The Florida Man is back at it again. There’s quite a lot of history about this mysterious criminal figure. Time and time again, the Florida man has committed several crimes that are also very funny in nature. This time, it is a similar instance.

This time, a man from Florida was arrested after he faked as a Disney World employee. He was successful so far as he ended up stealing the $10,000 R2-D2 replica from Star Wars.

The Florida man in this case is David Emerson Proudfoot, as per ABC’s WFTV. Proudfood was arrested on May 31st after snatching the iconic android from Disney World’s Swan Hotel. The irony is that he was trying to get hired as a security guard himself.

Proudfoot pushed a cart with an orange vest on to indicate he’s part of the staff. He had a Disney World name tag too, though that didn’t stop the guards from sniffing out something suspicious about him. After they took him to the locker room down at Yacht Club Resort to check his belongings and ID, he was busted.

The Disney officials then called the law enforcement. During interrogation, Proudfoot revealed that he had applied for the job of a security guard at Walt Disney World Security. He planned to show the administration that they needed tighter security. His plan clearly backfired.

The 44-year-old has been hit with two counts of grand theft, a count of petty theft, one count of obstruction by false information and one for scheming to defraud. However, the Florida man has pleaded not guilty in court on June 24.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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