Blueface and Chrisean Rock‘s on and off relationship continues to dominate headlines even now. Blueface and his girlfriend-non-girlfriend are fighting on social media once again, drawing attention to Blueface’s love life. It looks like Blueface recently explained why he broke up with Rock.

These two have been in a relationship for a while, and an online audience has watched their ups and downs. Blueface claimed he was done with his protégé, but after Rock was detained on suspicion of stealing his automobile and intending to take it cross-country, the two resumed their connection. Rock, however, suddenly appeared on social media to announce the end of her romance with Blueface.

Blueface also appeared shortly after and provided an explanation. The rapper claimed that he was never romantically involved with Rock and that he withdrew after she broke their agreement. In addition to stepping out from under Bueface’s shadow, Rock is currently a cast member of Baddies South on the Zeus Network.

Blueface made it plain that Rock had a 3 a.m. curfew; nonetheless, she hasn’t been following the arrangement and occasionally returned at 8:00 a.m. He also said that she is in charge of looking after his dogs while he is away, but Rock hasn’t been home to let the neighbors in, so they have been complaining.

In response, Rock wrote a lengthy post to her Instagram Story in which she claimed that he wasn’t telling the truth but instead was disseminating material to harm her reputation. Fans of this duo still anticipate their reunion in spite of everything. There is no information on when Blueface will release new music. Check out the post below.

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