Nicki Minaj is no doubt one of the most renowned female rappers in the Hip-Hop world. The Rap icon recently stunned on the festival’s stage as one of its headliners. Despite claims that the concert would be broadcast on Hulu, it never happened and fans are disappointed.

New Orleans is the place to be as celebrities from all corners of entertainment converge on the Big Easy for the Essence Festival. As attendees enjoy the festivities, various highlights of the event have been posted on social media. For those who couldn’t travel to NOLA, it was all live on Hulu.

The Barbz were putting off the evening’s major event because Nicki Minaj was one of the weekend’s headliners, but at the last minute, the devoted following received devastating news. It was announced that Minaj’s section would no longer be streamed just before her performance. To say that her supporters broke down would be an understatement.

Many of Minaj’s followers assumed that her attendance was a given because her performance was utilized to advertise the live-streaming. Many individuals expressed their disappointment on social media, complaining that they had stayed for the entire Essence Festival in the hopes of seeing their idol perform, but that others there had done their best to Livestream Hulu’s performance on other platforms while they were present.


Videos of a blonde Minaj have been all over social media, and as was to be expected, Minaj put on a live performance that even her detractors complimented. We’ve gathered some of her unhappy fans’ comments, as well as a few quick clips from her live performance. Check out the fan reactions below.

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