It’s been a busy weekend in Blueface’s world, with a slew of activities documented on his social media pages. The rapper’s connection with Chrisean Rock has previously made news, but she disclosed on Saturday that she had a portrait tattoo of Blueface’s face on her neck. It was reported less than 48 hours later that she had gotten into a fight with Blueface’s relatives.

While Blueface was first accused of assaulting his sister, Kali Miller, and mother, fresh evidence presented by Wack 100 suggests otherwise. Wack 100 recently tweeted a video of Blueface’s sister yelling. Blueface, on the other hand, chastised his boyfriend for forcing his sister to fight her fights.

#MEATTHIS AVAILABLE ON ALL PLATFORMS 🙏🏾 Pray for @drjioproducedit quick recovery. & let’s pray for the mental state of @kaliwae_ . As you see somethings not right with this behavior Why would she act like this at a time like this. Imagine what it was before it got to this point. #SurvivingKali#TeamBlueFace@toogee_ get ya man’s

Wack 100 revealed that Blueface’s sister was ill after hyping Blueface and DDG’s new hit, “Meat This.” Kali recently weighed in on Blueface’s shenanigans, posting a plethora of photos of herself and her spouse on social media.

It was also claimed that the rapper’s manager was paying individuals to solely post about her and Rock’s feud. Obviously, this situation is only beginning, so we’ll probably hear from them again. Check out the Instagram posts below.

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