It’s been a bumpy journey ever since Mark Davis became the Las Vegas Raiders’ new owner in 2011. The squad has only had two winning seasons on the field during that time. The team has experienced a number of problems off the field.

The off-season actions made by Las Vegas that helped the team sign Davante Adams and Chandler Jones have received accolades. There is real excitement about what the Raiders can do on the field this year for the first time in a very long time. The team is still troubled by off-field problems, though.

Owner Davis ousted team president Dan Ventrelle in May after he had worked for the organization for 18 years. Ventrelle publicly claimed that he was fired in reprisal for complaining to Davis about alleged workplace misconduct. The “storied franchise enabled a culture in Oakland and Las Vegas that left them feeling unsupported, underpaid and at risk of retaliation if they voiced concerns,” according to a recent article by Briana Erickson and Mick Akers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

According to a lady who talked with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, much of the charges focus on how the Raiders had a “boys club and the mob wrapped in one.” In 2020, Nicolle Reeder accused the team of breaking California labor law and came clean about her experiences in a class-action lawsuit. The former Raiders human resources employee Nicole Adams claims that the former club president was engaged, notwithstanding Ventrelle’s assertion that he addressed concerns about the alleged workplace wrongdoing.

When Ventrelle was the team’s general counsel, Adams said to the newspaper that he would be willing to pay off anybody who came with a formal complaint against that person. In none of the charges covered by the Las Vegas Review-Journal is Davis specifically accused of wrongdoing. Employees believe that he isn’t offering the necessary leadership, nevertheless. Although Davis has stated he will speak out in the future, he is not immediately keen to address the report.

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