Kim Kardashian is well-known for her never-ending sagas. Kim and family aim for memorable moments for every special occasion. Her daughter North West and her friends came to her 9th birthday celebration in style.

The star of “The Kardashians” uploaded a photo of her private jet, which was decked out with “Camp North” balloons and placards. Each seat in Kim Air featured two pillows that resembled logs. The ceiling of the plane was covered with fake spiderwebs.

Kim Kardashian raved about North’s “spooky wilderness-themed” party to Jimmy Fallon earlier this month, and Kourtney Kardashian released outdoor photos from the celebrations last week. Kim revealed glimpses of Penelope, Kourtney’s 9-year-old daughter, and other guests wearing matching jammies while rafting and playing outside in her social media picture.

Each bed that North and her friends slept in was adorned with a deer head and artificial blood. Kim said that her daughter is really into special effects makeup. She laid down some perfect wounds and scars

Kim’s party photos showed Maxwell Simpson, Jessica Simpson’s daughter. The youngster was friends with North, the 31-year-old fashion designer disclosed in April. Simpson continued by labelling the Kardashian-Jenner family “powerhouses” for maintaining their “identity” in the face of popularity. Check out the pictures below.

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