Gislaine Maxwell once lived an opulent lifestyle where she hung out with high society billionaires and even royalty. After Maxwell became involved with Jeffrey Epstein, her life spiraled into a dark series of horrific events. Maxwell and Epstein formed a team that spent years abusing underage girls.

Epstein committed suicide in prison before the full truth of his terrible actions came to light. Ghislaine Maxwell acted as his facilitator, going out and finding young girls and even sometimes joining Epstein in their abuse. Now, a judge has sentenced Maxwell to a lengthy prison term for her part in the scheme.

Prosecutors said that Epstein and Maxwell sexually abused children hundreds of times over more than ten years, according to the Associated Press. Maxwell was convicted of sex trafficking in December. Now, she knows how long she will have to spend behind bars.

Ghislaine Maxwell will spend twenty years in prison. She will also have to pay a $750,000 fine. US District Judge Alison Nathan said she wanted to send an unmistakable message to those who might abuse children in the future.

Victim Annie Farmer said that she will continue to live with the harm caused by Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell also had a chance to speak. She said that she was manipulated and that meeting Jeffrey Epstein was the greatest regret of her life.

Maxwell continues to deny having abused anyone. She said that she hopes her incarceration brings a measure of peace and finality to the victims. Ghislaine will now begin her lengthy sentence for the heinous crimes she has been found guilty of.

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Michael Perry

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