Sam Asghari and Britney Spears are enjoying a great time together after so many transgressions in their lives. They recently got married and professed their want to continue together. Each time whenever they were spotted together, the couple could be observed enjoying each other’s company. In a new video, Sam Asghari slaps his wife Britney Spears when she is wearing an LBD.

Sam Asghari and Britney Spears openly declare their love for one another. The 40-year-old pop artist appeared in a tight black minidress in front of a stunning distressed white floor mirror in a recent Instagram video she posted on June 24th. She accessorized with a black-banded straw hat, a teal bracelet on her right hand, and black sunglasses.

Britney put on a pair of black heels to round off the adorable outfit. Sam joined her and posed in dark blue-gray trousers, a denim button-down, and white sneakers in another scene in the video, which was set to the song “We No Speak Americano” by Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP. The “Toxic” singer then gave Sam a tender kiss, to which Sam gave her a loving butt-smack.

In a second video that surfaced shortly after the first, Britney and Sam appeared beside their gorgeous dog wearing the same attire as them as they stood in the doorway of their private jet. Sam and Britney were seen grabbing butts and locking lips on multiple occasions in the video.

The Womanizer singer also admitted to pressuring whoever directed the hot video to have “so many takes before take-off” and asked what their favorite sequence was. She captioned both videos sequentially with numerous emojis.

“Hi … Am I happy enough mamma ??? What’s the serious talk for… ??? Lighten up ladies … we’re on the same side … remember ???”

“Hey y’all … remember me … ??? GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!! BE STRONG AND LET YOUR HEART TAKE FLIGHT … psss another excursion !!!”

“Heaven won’t take me and Hell’s afraid I’ll take over,” read the opening line of the original video. It’s unclear if Britney and Sam are now taking advantage of their pending honeymoon after their unexpected wedding on June 9. Britney and Sam were focused on moving into their new house, which Britney wrote about on June 23, rather than boarding a plane to some scenic location.

Even though it’s possible that Sam and Britney have a busy renovation schedule planned, it’s nice to see them escape and have some fun together. Let’s wait and watch when they’ll enjoy a tranquil honeymoon. Keep checking Thirsty for more developments until then.

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