According to Britney Spears, there’s something that’s just not adding up to how Brittany Murphy died a sudden death. Since they had a direct connection, she is curious about Brittany’s death.

Britney posted on Instagram about the late actress, mentioning how she finds it “curious” that Brittany died at just 32. Britney says she might be a little late to the discussion in reference to a People cover story from last October.

Brittany Murphy was found unresponsive in her Hollywood Hills home back in 2009. It was ultimately declared that she died of drug overdose and pneumonia.

Murphy bought the Hollywood Hills home from Spears who was living there with Justin Timberlake. What’s weird is that Murphy’s husband, Simon Monjack also died in the same house five months later and that too from drug intoxication and pneumonia. Isn’t that a little eerie?!

In addition to the People cover story, there was also a documentary on HBO last year about Brittany’s death which certainly drew Britney’s attention.

Spears didn’t really talk about her connection to Murphy in her IG post but it was clear that both of them didn’t like living in that house. Monjack once said Murphy considered the house “unlucky” while on the other hand, Spears thought the house had “bad spirits.”

What’s your take on this spooky story? Sound off in the comments!

Sanchari Ghosh

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