Tensions are high following the Supreme Court’s decision to overrule the precedent that legalized abortion nationwide for 50 years. According to reports, both pro-life and pro-choice activists are participating in the demonstrations that are gathering outside the Capitol. According to Capitol Police, any time there are large groups of individuals on opposing sides, there is a risk of violence.

Police in several areas are using an all-hands-on-deck strategy due of the rising Roe v. Wade protests outside the Supreme Court and Capitol. According to sources within the Capitol Police, officers were anticipating the monumental SCOTUS ruling and had been bolstering security at the Capitol to deal with possible civil unrest, bracing for protests, and preparing their response.

Although the Supreme Court does have its own police force, TMZ was informed that in addition to guarding the Capitol, CPD is currently at the Court to augment the ranks there. All Capitol Police personnel are currently on extended duty, which has been increased from their usual 8-hour daily shift to 12 to 16 hours.

Although it appears that some officers are already dressed in riot gear, TMZ was told that they are merely monitoring the masses at this time. They were also informed that the Supreme Court has snipers stationed on its roof in addition to a security barrier surrounding it, which is just another indication of the times.


Due to the tiny size of the Supreme Court’s own police team, Capitol Police are dispatching additional officers. Of course, tours of the American Capitol have also been put on hold for the time being. Check out the social media posts below.

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