Phoebe Gates is Bill Gates’ youngest daughter, and she is well-known for her creativity. Phoebe attends Stanford University for the time being. During her off-time, you’ll see her as a dancing and living her best life. Nevertheless, the 19-year-old took to Instagram to share a tantalizing bikini photo with a strong statement.

Phoebe wore a white bikini on an Instagram post earlier today. This was to draw attention to the possibility of the Supreme Court of the United States overturning the Roe v. Wade decision. Overall the overturning will cause dismay amongst Americans who need access to reproductive rights.

“I’m not shy about my body and/or telling you to keep your bans off of it,” the Stanford University student wrote in her caption. “Every person deserves access to sexual and reproductive health care.

Phoebe continued to opine that ending abortion as a right is an aberration. She & the fashion community want to send a powerful message to raise awareness for the matter.

 “Right now, the Supreme Court is prepared to end the constitutional right to abortion. Join me and the fashion community to send a clear message,” also tagging Planned Parenthood and using the hashtag #BansOffOurBodies.

Her Instagram story help clarify everything. The message was posted alongside historical moments.

“Did you know that 50% of all women globally are denied bodily autonomy?” the university student asked.

The overturning of Roe v. Wade is scheduled to take place this month. This could consequently cause repression for those in need of reproductive care. Bill Gates is indeed proud of his daughter for delivering this message. At 19, Phoebe’s outspoken behavior is unpreceded.

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