Klay Thompson is quickly establishing himself as one of the year’s most spectacular sports comeback stories. Thompson returned to the Golden State Warriors in January after a two-and-a-half-year absence. Most recently, one Klay impersonator invaded the court and got banned on grounds of trespassing.

Throughout the Golden State Warriors’ dynasty’s last years, there has been one individual who has commanded the attention of Warriors fans. Dawson Gurley, better known on YouTube as BigDawsTV, is the individual in question. He’s the guy who looks a lot like Klay Thompson, for those who don’t know.

He dresses up as the NBA player, complete with facial hair. In fact, there have been moments when Gurley has had the opportunity to speak with Steve Kerr because the coach was perplexed for a brief moment. The fake Klay Thompson recently invaded the court before being removed from the arena.

Gurley recently pulled off his craziest prank yet. He faked his way past security and onto the Chase Center floor, where he even got to shoot some warm-up shots. Security and employees eventually realized what was going on and removed him out of the building.

Gurley was even barred from the venue until later notice, according to his Twitter account. They wrote the YouTuber a letter explaining that what he done was potentially criminal trespassing and that he had no right to go to court. Gurley claims that security is to blame and that he should not be punished as a result of their carelessness. In any case, the YouTuber triumphed by playing with fire. Check out the posts below.

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