The Game came out of retirement with a chip on his shoulder, despite previous promises that he would be hanging up the microphone after Born 2 Rap. He’s been teasing his upcoming album for a while now, and G Herbo claims it’ll be album of the year material. The Game maintains that he is a superior rapper to Eminem.

The Game recently sat down for an interview with the All the Smoke podcast. He informed co-hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson that despite Eminem’s superior poetic skills, he could still beat him in a rap battle. The Compton, Calif. rapper revealed around the 58-minute mark of the video below.

When I say that I want to rap battle with Eminem, or Eminem is not the greatest rapper, or I’m better than him…I’m supposed to think that I’m better than every single rapper. [I’m] not saying that [Eminem] can’t rap, the skillset is there. I’m just a better rapper. I just haven’t been given the light that he’s been given. They didn’t put the money behind me.

Slim Shady has received significant assistance from Dr. Dre and Interscope Records, which he believes has rocketed the Detroit rhymer to the pinnacle of MC status. The Game is referring to his former labels Aftermath and Interscope Records when he mentions “them.”

The Documentary artist believes that the Interscope “machine” turned Eminem become a brilliant rapper, which is why he’s currently receiving so many plaudits. The Game feels that if Interscope gave him the same type of financial and marketing support as Em, he would be a fantastic MC as well.

The Game admitted that he understands that bragging about being a better rapper than Eminem will make headlines, but he stands by his words. Only time will tell if The Game and Eminem will ever have a rap duel. Check out The Game’s full interview with the All the Smoke podcast below.

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