Kodak Black is a problematic figure, and even he wouldn’t deny that. While he’s at the center of several squabbles, every once in a while an old one comes back to bite him back. Kodak recently shared his fast food preference online and it generated big attention.

Yak took to Twitter to again post his random opinion. We’re not sure what caused this, but Kodak Black revealed that he prefers KFC over Popeyes. KFC’s official Twitter hilariously replied to his tweet stating that they feel the same.

I Like KFC Over Popeyes

Kodak then burst into laughter while replying to their tweet. He re-tweeted with the caption, “I’m Dead [laughing emoji] [skull emoji].” It seems KFC didn’t lose the opportunity for the positive marketing online.


The rapper has worked with several figures from the industry, and it’s not always smooth sailing. The Trump-pardoned rapper upset was put behind bars between the period of November 2019 and January 2021 for a federal weapons charge. Check out the latest funny tweets from Yak below.

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