Kodak Black recently visited with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, because the rapper is a fan of the President who pardoned him. Kodak Black has since jumped on social media to express his feelings of being used, claiming that his allegiance to others has been used against him.

On March 20, Kodak Black posted a story on Instagram alleging that his loyalty is being used against him. This was a very long and profanity filled message.

“Everybody wanna take advantage of you!!! I ain’t really tripping on dat too much [because] I know that’s what come wit this s**t when you got the bag, but it’s the people that wanna take FULL ADVANTAGE of you that [I don’t] like!”

The rapper then went on to say that he believes some ladies only want a child from him so they can obtain his money and have it written in stone that he will do everything for them because he is a decent person. He then discussed how his pals turned on him and wanted him to look after them once their money ran out, with the buddies complaining that he “don’t do enough” while they were in need.

Kodak Black concluded by saying, “My heart too big that’s why my loyalty be getting used against me.” However, Black has recently paid his first visit to Trump since the previous president had his sentence commuted in the last hours of his presidency. During their brief meeting, Kodak was introduced to Trump at a dinner on Thursday evening at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Fla. This exchange was later documented on social media.

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