The Smart Car back-and-forth between Tory and Rick continues. Rick Ross promised Tory Lanez a Smart Car a couple of years ago. When they linked up earlier this month, the Miami rapper followed his word, albeit a little late, and presented he Lanez the automobile. Now Lanez is returning the favor.

Rick Ross received a red Smart Car from Tory Lanez for his upcoming car exhibition. Lanez now appears to have matched Ross’ present by delivering him his own bright red Smart Car ahead of Ross’s “Classic Car & Bike Show.” Rick Ross took a video of the car and seems happy with the gift.

I know Tory Lanez busy getting that money, keep getting that money hustling. Guess what? Tory made sure he was here, baby. Tory made sure he was here.

Ross made a name for himself as a vehicle enthusiast. He’s been posting pictures of the cars he’s getting ready for his car show, and they haven’t let him down. He just displayed his newest addition to his collection, a 1959 El Camino in mint condition.


He also got his hands on a Louis Vuitton tank in camouflage. Tory, on the other hand, could possibly appear on Chris Brown’s upcoming album, Breezy. Stay tuned to Thirsty to know where the next Smart Car will be sent next.

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