50 Cent remains one of the most influential names in the hip-hop world. Fifty inspired many budding rappers and that also includes CMG founder Yo Gotti. 50 Cent advised Yo Gotti that the original meaning of CMG was too harsh when Gotti was just gearing up with his label.

Gotti recently spoke with Billboard on his road to fame. He also detailed how he learned a lot from the greats. like 50 Cent. Gotti recealed that 50 Cent advised him on the branding of his new label, CMG, when they were contemplating its formation.

CMG was originally known as Cocaine Muzik Group, which Gotti claims was a reference to the group’s “addictiveness” in terms of music. The business was thriving, but it had yet to achieve mainstream success. Gotti. 50 Cenet told him the reason over a phone call.

Yo, you’re winning, but you can’t be Cocaine Muzik Group– that’s too harsh. They’re going to be scared of that. [I] thought about it like, ‘Damn, he’s right. What else does CMG mean?’ He put it in my head to start thinking in that direction.


Gotti went for Collective Music Group, which he thought aptly described his collaborative approach to the music industry. Collective Music Group became a tremendously successful label after that. Gotti also claimed that Birdman and Lil Wayne taught him a lot.

Yo Gotti has had a lot of success and isn’t hesitant to flaunt it. Lehla Samia received a pink Lamborghini from the rapper/record executive earlier this month. He then returned with his annual “Yo Gotti & Friends Birthday Bash,” which was a star-studded extravaganza as expected. And his birthday celebrations didn’t stop there: as a gift to himself, he spent $1.2 million on two Rolls Royces.

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