Ezra Miller has been getting bad press of late. The Flash star Ezra Miller was arrested in Hawaii in March after spitting on someone’s face. Bodycam footage from the arrest shows the actor berating cops and complaining that they’re ‘transgender’ and don’t want to be searched by a guy.

Miller was arrested on March 28 in Hilo, Hawaii, after reportedly spitting on someone’s face in a bar during a darts game. The enraged actor claims they were the true victims of assault in bodycam footage shot after their arrest at Margarita Village, before demanding to know the police officers’ complete identities and badge numbers.

I’ve been assaulted for NFT crypto art. What’s your name and your badge number? Tell me your name and your badge number! Full name! Tell me your name and your badge number! Tell me your name and your badge number now! I’m being arrested for disorderly conduct? I was assaulted.

They then discussed their “ninth amendment rights” to not be “unlawfully persecuted for a crime of no designation.” They were arrested and charged with disorderly behavior. The seven-minute video also shows them being cuffed and screaming, “Do not touch my ring!”


Miller had been arrested previously. They were detained in April for hurling a chair at someone’s head during a party. Warner Bros. called an emergency meeting the day following their arrest for spitting in someone’s face to suspend projects in which they were involved. Check out the surfaced body cam footage.

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