Rick and Morty was created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, who also play the titular duo and wrote the source Back to the Future parody short. Since its debut on Adult Swim in 2013, the animated sci-fi comedy centered on a crazy scientist and his grandson’s interdimensional escapades has received widespread critical and economic acclaim. Now Rick and Morty is getting an anime spinoff.

Takashi Sano’s ‘Rick and Morty: The Anime’ has been announced. It will have ten episodes in total. Adult Swim has commissioned an anime film based on the Emmy-winning series from director Takashi Sano (Tower of God).

Sano previously helmed two critically acclaimed Rick and Morty anime shorts: “Rick and Morty vs. Genocider” and “Summer Meets God (Rick Meets Evil).” The shorts have received over 10 million views on Adult Swim’s digital channels. While the filmmaker will adapt themes and events from the main series, Rick and Morty: The Anime is characterized as an independent production in its own right. The Hollywood Reporter recently reported Sano’s statement.

The multiverse-straddling exploits of Rick and the gang pose challenges to the family bond, but they always rise to the occasion. It’s such a life affirming sight, and Jerry is no exception. I am honored to have been given an opportunity to tell a new story about this amazing family. I hope you enjoy their adventures!


Telecom Animation Film created the series. Other Rick and Morty spinoffs have been revealed as digital shorts by Adult Swim, but Rick and Morty: The Anime is a whole series. Takesha Okazaki’s character designs will appear in the next anime, which will be produced by E&H Production and Sola Entertainment.

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