Lindsay Lohan was once one of Hollywood’s most bankable young stars. Following her success in family films and light comedy, Lohan embarked on a singing career. Lohan is now back with a new reality show.

Lindsay Lohan is set to launch her new reality show called ‘Lovestruck High.’ It will air on Prime Video, Contestants in the new U.K. reality series return to high school in search of their “true love.” Lohan will narrate the show and give it a real “Mean Girls” feel.

It’s a great setting for a television genre that focuses on immaturity and utter delusion. Similarly, it has an aggressively humorous tone and sensibility, which is enhanced by some delightfully acerbic narration from high school movie queen Lindsay Lohan, whose voiceover performance is deserving of an Emmy and a Grammy.

The show is best described as a modernized version of The CW’s reality show Beauty and the Geek. If you’re tired of the glossy, costly aesthetics of Love Island or Love Is Blind, Lovestruck High is a terrific alternative.


Lovestruck High would be unable to achieve its humorous voice without Lohan. Generally husky voices don’t always age well, but the actress—who is constantly seen with a cigarette—reminds you of her work from the early and mid-2000s with her modest but effective delivery. Check out the trailer below.

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