Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are one of the most talked-about couples in the industry right now. Naturally, the pair kept up this tradition on Sunday when they attended the NBA All-Star Game in Cleveland. However, the announcer shouted out the actress as the pop-punk star’s wife a little early.

This all started after Megan Fox and her fiancée Machine Gun Kelly attended the NBA All-Star Game in Cleveland, Ohio on Sunday. While Megan sent temperatures soaring in her striking orange patterned suit, Machine Gun Kelly rocked a thick black sweater that was decorated with swirling patterns. The pair certainly looked like a married couple.

After MGK made the announcement for LeBron James and Kevin Durant‘s teams at the All-Star game, the couple were shown on the Jumbotron for everyone at the game. The announcer referred to Megan as MGK’s wife and she had an interesting reaction. The actress started to say something to her fiancé, before putting her hand over her mouth.

While no one can be sure, it looked like she was joking with the singer about the flub. Not to mention, the two were having a great time at the game.

Even though Megan isn’t MGK’s wife yet, the pair have been engaged for a little more than a month. The pair announced their engagement in a January 12 Instagram post. Colson asked Megan to be his wife with a ring with a dual emerald and diamond, worth an estimated $400,000.

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