Fake Drake is becoming more than a temporary viral sensation. Since October of last year, Fake Drake has been making public appearances, and it now appears that he is being paid to sing Drake’s songs.

Fake Drake’s literally getting paid to perform Drake’s music. DJ Akademiks posted an Instagram video of Fake Drake singing for a tiny crowd on Monday. He tried his best rendition of Drake’s “Laugh Now, Cry Later,” but his performance has drawn criticism due to the show fees.

“$%K a show @izzyydrake.” the video’s caption read. It’s unclear whether this figure is accurate, but if it is, the doppelganger industry might be quite lucrative.

Since last October, Fake Drake has made public appearances and now claims that the real Drake is mimicking his style, including the Certified Lover Boy heart shaved into his hair. “I’ve had the heart for like a year and a half,” he said during a recent appearance on The Fan Bus. “I have the heart because, you know, if you do things with your heart, it’ll come back.”


Izzy, Drake’s doppelganger, claims that he didn’t seek all of this attention and is only being himself. He pushed back against accusations that he was trying to impersonate the celebrity rapper during his interview on The Fan Bus.

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