Izzy is a man who looks a lot like Drake, and he’s making money for it. You can’t knock his hustle, but that drive started somewhere. Like a lot of crazy stories, Fake Drake’s origin story started in Florida.

Drake seems to be cool with Fake Drake doing his thing. Real name Izzy, Fake Drake is racking up stacks of cash for showing up at someone’s club at this point.

While speaking to the No Jumper podcast, Izzy revealed how it all got started in Miami.

“I took a trip to Miami. It’s just like like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna check it out. I’ve never been there. So I went on a vacation, I’m actually from Toronto, too. So I took a vacation to Miami [and] I showed up to Lil Wayne’s performance—it was in Miami. So I showed up, was just partying. A lot of people, a lot of attention on me.”

We’ll have to see if Fake Drake shows up anywhere high profile next. It might be a mind-blowing situation to have Izzy and the genuine article in the same room together. Nobody believes they are actually the real person at this point, but Fake Drake might have pulled the wool over fans’ eyes for a minute.

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