The richest man in the world is certainly an avid Twitter user and doesn’t miss a chance to make the best of the platform. His love for the social media website grew so much that he decided to purchase it. In a recent, Musk had an interesting conversation with popular YouTube star MrBeast.

The Tesla CEO initially tweeted about if he were to die under “mysterious circumstances” to which MrBeast asked in a response if Musk would be willing to give him his newly purchased company. Elon Musk wasn’t hesitant to reply to that request at all.

Musk: “If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya”

MrBeast: “If that happens can I have Twitter”


Musk: “Ok”

MrBeast: “No takesies backsies”

Elon Musk replies to just anyone on Twitter even regular accounts. The popular platform will soon be under his control after his pending transaction of $44 billion to purchase it is completed. He has planned to reinstate “free speech” on the website, something many are eager to see and good chunk is also not excited about it.

Musk will probably not die any time soon but “mysterious circumstances” is bit concerning because it implies those capable could be after him. However, if that happens we’ll have to see how the aftermath unfolds.

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Bhupen Dange

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