Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition of Twitter might be pending, but the billionaire has planned to become the interim CEO of the social media giant as soon as it is completed. The former Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey has again chimed in on the subject.

As you may know, Musk secured funding from a group of investors to aid in his purchase of Twitter for $44 billion. One of the investors in Musk’s plan, Ben Horowitz made a series of tweets following to praise his investment. Dorsey in the thread showed his support towards Musk.

“Twitter has great promise as a public square, it suffers from a myriad of difficult issues ranging from bots to abuse to censorship. Being a public company solely reliant on an advertising business model exacerbates all of these.” Horowitz said, “Elon is the one person we know and perhaps the only person in the world who has the courage, brilliance, and skills to fix all of these and build the public square that we all hoped for and deserve.”

Dorsey’s reply to the tweets radiated his support of Musk’s acquisition as he wrote, “This is true. It needs cover for a while.” Which certainly implies that he is totally up with Musk’s plan of becoming interim CEO.


Just last week, Dorsey called a Musk a singular solution for Twitter. Musk plans to take the company private once the transaction is completed. People are waiting to see what becomes of the platform under the Tesla CEO’s control as Musk has promised to make it a bastion of free speech.

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