Tekashi 6ix9ine has done just about all he can to get under Lil Durk’s skin. It’s difficult to imagine the Brooklyn rapper not punching the air when he returned home from prison and saw Lil Durk doing well in his own right. To say the least, 6ix9ine’s attempt to troll Durk has been terrible. He most recently attempted to enlist Perkio in his antics during a videotaped ambush.

Tekashi 6ix9ine was seen in the studio last summer with Lul Tim the man suspected of killing King Von. The two appeared to be planning to record a song about Durk and the OTF click, but Tim had other ideas. In a recent interview, he confirmed that he left the studio with $60K in his pocket.

Tim explained to Fucious TV:

“I never did it. I acted like I was going to do it… Got a little 40, 60 racks type shit and just dipped.”


6ix9ine “tapped in with some of the homies,” according to Tim, which is how they ended up in the studio together. While he didn’t say how much he received, he did say that he eventually divided the money among his pals.

Following his newfound fame, Lul Tim started releasing songs last year, but in July, he said that he was unable to release a music video for his single “Off The List” due to “somebody telling the judge.” Stay tuned to Thirsty to know if 6ix9ine responds to Lul Tim’s comments.

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