Tekashi 6ix9ine was recently recorded getting sucker punched in the back of his head while he was leaving a club in Miami. He even followed that up with some more not so good PR. On a more serious note, it seems his baby mama and daughter recently got involved in a car crash.

Just recently, Tekashi 6ix9ine’s baby mama and daughter were involved in a terrible car accident. They were taken to the hospital with serious injuries as a result of the accident. According to TMZ, Sara Molina, Tekashi’s 6-year-old daughter Saraiyah, was in an Uber minivan on the expressway in New York City.

Saraiyah and Saraiyah’s sister were also in the car. Their driver was suddenly cut off, causing them to be severely rear-ended. Saraiyah was said to be scared and crying after the ordeal.

An ambulance was dispatched, and all three were rushed to the hospital. Sara’s sister suffered from whiplash. Saraiyah was in a lot of pain in her arm. Sara may have gotten the worst of it. In addition to whiplash, she also received a concussion and is still in a lot of pain.


Sara had been suffering from multiple sclerosis prior to the accident. Tekashi told TMZ that he had no idea this happened. He and Sara haven’t been on good terms for a long time, as you know. He said he’ll contact Saraiyah’s grandmother to clear things up.

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