It’s Mother’s Day and Ari Fletcher is dealing with some drama because of her kid. The issues between G Herbo and Ari Fletcher have resulted in the two responding to each other about their son Yosohn’s parenting. Ari Fletcher recently accused Herbo’s fiancé of physically abusing their son, which the rapper has denied. Since then, video has emerged of Ari Fletcher and her son in what appears to be a club.

A concerned citizen created a GoFundMe page titled “Give [G Herbo] Full Custody of Yosohn!” During an IG Live session, the social media star clapped back at the GoFundMe. She claimed that it wasn’t even a club.

It wasn’t a f*cking club. Sign that petition, do what you need to do. How are you going to get a petition started to voluntarily give my baby to someone who isn’t even asking for him?

Ari Fletcher has been dating rapper MoneyBagg Yo for quite some time. She even stated that she is willing to bring a third person into their relationship. Ari Fletcher wants to be in a polyamorous relationship with MoneyBagg Yo and another woman.


Fletcher doesn’t seem to be scared of the petition. She challenged everyone to sign the petition. Fletcher said that G Herbo isn’t even asking for the custody so the petition won’t do her anything. Watch the video below.

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