We all know Ari Fletcher for her prominent contribution to the music industry. She has over 5 million followers on Instagram and is a well-known influencer who is always making headlines.

Recently, it came up on the news that Fletcher is allegedly being sued by her apartment complex. A page on Instagram, @1goatalexis, that is mainly focused on celebrity gossip, uploaded a post detailing Fletcher’s situation.

The post was an explanatory email that read, “Ari got evicted from The Huntley for failure to make $5800 in rental payment. She is being sued for this amount. Her rent was $2k-$2500 so she was behind 2 months.”

Along with the email, there was an attached document that claimed that Fletcher is being evicted. The document stated, “You are hereby commanded to remove said Defendant together with his/her property hereon from said house and premises and to deliver full and quiet possession of the same to the Plaintiff herein.”

Right after the news went viral, Ari was quick to defend herself. According to her, $50,000 worth of items were stolen from her home by her landlord’s workers.

Her statement read, “I do not owe any rent to my landlord. My attorney provided notice of termination regarding the lease after certain items belonging to me in excess of $50,000 were stolen by an employee of the landlord. For the avoidance of doubt, I have at all times fully complied with any lease obligations and reserve all affirmation defenses that I am entitled to under Georgia law.”

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