Ari Fletcher has been dating rapper MoneyBagg Yo for quite some time, but it appears that she is ready to spice things up. She recently stated that she is willing to bring a third person into their relationship. Ari Fletcher wants to be in a polyamorous relationship with MoneyBagg Yo and another woman.

Ari discussed her relationship with Bagg on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, telling the co-hosts that she wanted to explore her attraction to women while remaining committed to her lover. Ari declared herself bisexual and expressed her desire to bring another lady into her relationship.

I’m really into girls. On my own, like, I don’t have threesomes because that’s what [Bagg] wants to do. Like, that’s what I wanna do. I really like women, I’m into women. I’ve been in a real relationship with a girl for three years and had sex with numerous women.

When Angela Yee noted that one of her co-hosts had explored having a side relationship with a woman while married to her husband. Ari said she had been “seriously considering” doing so as well.

I wanna be the girlfriend and she’s my girlfriend and just fun for him. I don’t want him to like her for real unless it’s sexual.

Ari reiterated her statement, saying she doesn’t want her man to develop affections for the other woman. Let’s see how things end up in their relationship. We shall keep you updated on any response from MoneyBagg Yo about this thought. Take a look at Ari’s full interview on Lip Service below.

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