Last night’s AEW Dynamite took place at the Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena in Baltimore, Maryland. As usual, the fans at the show were treated to several matches that were taped for AEW’s YouTube show, Dark Elevation. This week, there were some production problems that caused Tony Khan’s team to call an audible.

Max Caster was wrestling former ROH talent Cheeseburger in a match for Elevation when the lights went out around the entrance ramp and commentary table. The match was able to finish up (warning: spoilers to follow), and then the next bout was unable to be taped.

Dave Meltzer discussed the production fiasco on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. Skye Blue and Nyla rose were set for a Dark Elevation matchup, but since the power was out, AEW couldn’t tape it. Instead they simply announced that the match would be for the live fans only. The Elevation main event was then rescheduled for before the Rampage tapings started.

“Did you know they had a power failure? Did you hear about that? This was actually before the show started. Max Caster was wrestling Cheeseburger and Cheeseburger was very, very over, which was the second time they used Cheeseburger and he was very over both times. The entrance and the announcing place all of a sudden went dark.


So, they did the match, Max Caster won, then they did another match that they announced which was Skye Blue and Nyla Rose and they just said, ‘This match is only for you fans in the arena and it will never air,’ because they couldn’t tape it because they had the power failure or whatever it was. So, luckily, they got the thing fixed by eight o’clock and there was no problem with Dynamite.”

The scheduled Dark Elevation main event was Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland going against Nick Commorato and QT Marshall and Lee and Strickland won. That was taped after Dynamite. So, then they went to Rampage.”

Fortunately, AEW was able to get things squared away before 8 PM. It would have been a disaster to not have power as a live television show went on the air. In the end, everything worked out except for one match that unfortunately was unable to be captured on video. The fans in Baltimore got a little extra treat due to the power issue.

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Michael Perry

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