Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for $50 million, claiming she defamed him and ruined his career. Amber decided to take a stand and countersue him for $100 million. Now things are playing out in court and everything got kicked up a notch when Heard took the stand.

Heard now alleges Depp became aggressive during a flight to Russia. According to TMZ, Heard alleged that Johnny convinced a flight attendant to take MDMA with the couple.

Heard said that she thought it would be okay to take a “lovey drug’ since Molly tends to bring out a euphoric feeling in users. That was apparently not the case as that flight became bad trip.

Things soon took a bad turn when Johnny started feeling that the flight attendant was getting too close to Amber, getting comfortable with her and touching her. It angered Johnny and Heard claims he went on to hit the attendant.


Amber testified, “He grabbed her wrist, slammed it onto the table, and told her he could break her wrist.” The flight attendant then fled to the front of the plane and remained there for the rest of the flight, Heard said.

When Depp and Heard arrived in Russia at their hotel room, Johnny shoved her and hit her in the face over the flight incident. This is just one piece of the complicated story, and it should be remembered that this is Heard’s telling of events.

Heard also added that Depp later accused Heard of having caused the accident. We will continue monitoring this ongoing story here at Thirsty.

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Sanchari Ghosh

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