Elon Musk recently become the new owner of Twitter and it led to chaos on the platform. Several of popular accounts and general public did not like how Musk is advocating for “free speech.” As a result, the platform is experiencing mass fluctuation in user numbers.

The popular social media platform saw mass deactivation and decrease in followers of most popular accounts. According to NBC News, followers of former US President Barack Obama, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have all dropped by several hundred thousands.

Obama, who is Twitter’s most-followed user with 131.7 million followers, had his follower count drop by 300,000 since Monday. Whereas, Katy lost 200,000 followers. Other famous accounts also saw the similar drop.

Twitter has a system which auto purges bots and fake accounts every once in a while. However, the recent drop of accounts were “organic,” the outlet confirmed. This means all those deactivations were people leaving the platform willingly.


A lot of celebrities also deactivated their Twitter account as soon as Musk closed the deal to buy Twitter for $44 Billion. This isn’t stopping any time soon, as the time passes we will see more people leave the platform. Also those who have left it previously for the platform suppressing free speech are returning.

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Bhupen Dange

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