Julia Haart, actress of “My Unorthodox Life,” was sued by her separated husband. As we reported, her husband claimed she took $850,000 from a company account illegally. Julia Haart now revealed that she was detained at JFK Airport once after bringing in $153,000 in designer clothing.

The “My Unorthodox Life” star testified in court about being detained by US Customs and Border Protection in October 2020 after returning from a shopping trip in France. Haart admitted to having 37 pieces of clothing in her suitcase when she returned from Paris Fashion Week, including a $11,000 black leather Valentino cape, a $21,000 white leather Louis Vuitton handbag, and another $26,000 Louis Vuitton bag.

She confirmed that none of the items had tags and were seized by customs when she arrived. Haart was being cross-examined in a Delaware court last week by her estranged husband Silvio Scaglia’s attorney Lisa Simpson when Simpson asked her, “You even tried to deceive the US government, correct?” Haart replied, “Excuse me?”

The attorney continued: “You were detained at JFK Airport in New York in October of 2020, right?”


Haart responded: “I think so, yes.”

She then admitted to having done “quite a bit of shopping” in Paris. Simpson asked, “And you had several hundred thousand dollars of merchandise in your bags with you at the time?” according to the court transcript obtained by Page Six. “No,” Haart replied.

Simpson repeated: “You did not have several hundred thousand dollars of merchandise in your bags?”

Haart doubled down: “I did not. … I think the amount was 150, not several hundred thousands.”

Simpson then clarified: “$153,000 of merchandise?”

Haart responded, “Something like that, yes.”

“I declared some merchandise; but at that point, I had been sending a lot of stuff over as opposed to bringing it with me. So I had forgotten that two of the orders were with me instead of had been sent. And a lot of things did end up being sent,” Haart said when asked if she had failed to declare the goods.

Scaglia’s attorney said: “And that included an $11,000 black leather Valentino cape and a $21,000 Louis Vuitton white handbag and a $26,000 Louis Vuitton leather bag, right?

Haart answered, “Sounds right.”

According to the transcript, she admitted to failing to disclose a total of 37 items to customs. Haart stated that the clothes lacked tags because they had been altered, and the bags lacked tags as well. The haul also included a $2,000 Valentino dress, a $1,900 Valentino pullover, a $5,851 Valentino coat, a $3,723 Valentino black leather jacket, a $6,915 Valentino blazer, a $3,427 Louis Vuitton silver leather skirt, and a $4,727 Louis Vuitton biker leather dress, according to a customs document obtained by Page Six.

The total monetary value of all seized luxury items was $153,532.00. Haart was later forced to pay the full value of the goods in order to regain possession of them. Scaglia and Haart are in court, where she claims to own half of his company, Elite World Group, as well as his $65 million Tribeca apartment.

He denies she has any claim to these items. Haart is also accused in court documents of stealing $850,000 from the company’s coffers just hours after being fired in February. The lawsuit claims that she also spent millions of dollars in company funds on cosmetic surgery, travel, and designer clothes.

Haart has vehemently denied any wrongdoing. During their bitter legal battle, Haart accused Scaglia of abuse during their two-year marriage and requested a permanent restraining order. Scaglia has refuted the allegations. Haart’s lawyer did not respond right away.

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