Julia Haart, actress of “My Unorthodox Life,” is being sued by her separated husband, who claims she took $850,000 from a company account illegally. Haart, 51, was fired as CEO of Elite World Group. It was the firm founded by her soon-to-be ex, Silvio Scaglia, with whom she filed for divorce just hours later.

When asked what was the tipping point for her dismissal, a source familiar with the company told Page Six that it was the way she ran this company as her personal pocketbook. Haart’s office is accused of being responsible for a substantial surge in corporate costs and expenses, according to the complaint.

An Elite insider who knows Haart said, “Julia was spending on extras like travel, glam, clothes, driver. She has a full-time driver and two Bentleys. She has a Hamptons rental, she flies private, she stays at the penthouse at luxury hotels … She has custom Chanel and Gucci. She’s one of the top spenders globally at Louis Vuitton.”

Haart has pledged to fight her dismissal, according to her lawyers. She filed for a restraining order against Scaglia on Thursday night, accusing him of threatening her and of anti-Semitism. Scaglia’s suit derives from Defendant Julia Haart’s embezzlement of $850,000 out of the company’s bank account, according to court documents.


Haart made the illegal withdrawal upon receiving notice from the directors of Elite World Group LLC (‘EWG’), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Freedom Holding, that they would be voting at the next board meeting, February 11, 2022, on a proposal to dismiss her as chief executive officer. The very next day, Haart illegally transferred $850,000 from Freedom Holding to Defendant Haart Dynasty LLC, a limited liability company controlled by Haart.

The suit contains purported wire transfer paperwork. Haart allegedly broke an agreement she signed with Scaglia by withdrawing more than the $250,000 withdrawal limit and using the account for mortgage payments and living costs, according to the lawsuit.

Haart allegedly transferred the funds to her own company, Haart Dynasty LLC. The letter telling Haart of the reasons for her firing, and chastising her for spending too much money in her job as CEO, is included in the lawsuit. Haart flaunted her high-end lifestyle on her Netflix reality show, flexing her $65 million Tribeca house with Scaglia and wearing high-end designer clothing.

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