Blac Chyna’s lawsuit against the Kardashians and Jenners is intensifying by the day. Fans must have seen that the animosity between Blac and the Kardashians is growing, and it appears that it will never ever be resolved. According to her good friend, Laura Govan, Blac Chyna isn’t getting a fair shake in her $100 million legal battle with the Kardashians over her now-canceled reality show.

TMZ spoke with the former “Basketball Wives” star at LAX recently, and she believes the odds are stacked against Chyna winning this case from the start. Laura also defended Chyna’s lack of societal contribution, referring to her admission that she hasn’t paid taxes in years, saying she’s far from the first American to ignore Uncle Sam.

Laura, who has three children with ex-NBA player Gilbert Arenas, is set to produce and write her upcoming “Co-Parenting” series and believes Chyna and Rob Kardashian should prioritize their daughter’s well-being. Having said that, she admits that this latest saga is fit for primetime television.

There’s no shortage of plot twists — as previously reported, Chyna is requesting a retrial in court because she claims the “revenge porn” portion of the case triggered her PTSD and ruined her testimony. There’s also Kylie’s damning account of Chyna allegedly slicing ex-boyfriend Tyga with a knife and sending threatening text messages to Kylie.

If there is one silver lining for Chyna, Laura believes it will be a seasoned judge who will be able to cut through any nonsense this case may have spawned. Chyna previously denied any damage to Rob’s car, as well as any threats to murder or slap him. The cross-examination will continue so stay tuned to Thirsty for updates.

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