When it comes to Photoshopping, the Kardashians-Jenners hold the top spot in the business. Every now and then fans accuse them of morphing their images to look physically perfect in the public eye. It’s no different when it comes to Kendall Jenner. The supermodel has often been criticized by fans for editing her photos.

The model shared a video on her Story recently, which appeared to be altered. In the clip shared by Kendall, she was seen rocking a black-and-white striped top and sported red hair. Fans commented on how amazing she looked, but some were left baffled as to why she had manipulated the video.

A person created a Reddit where fans commented on her appearance. They titled the thread: “Kendall posted this on her story today- I don’t understand why they take a pic/video with a filter on and then re-upload it so the filter isn’t at the top.” A person said, “Maybe they save the pic to edit some more. Or to save it to post later. I do this all the time.”

The original poster argued, “Like why try that hard to make people think this is how you naturally look? It’s silly.” The sentiment was echoed in the comments, who called her out for over-editing her appearance.

“Okay there has got to be another explanation for this. There’s no way Kendall seriously didn’t know we knew it was a filter? Like it isn’t even a remotely subtle one.”

This is not the first time Kendall has been accused of editing her photos. Earlier this week, fans claimed she looked unrecognizable after photoshopping herself. They accused the brunette bombshell of heavily photoshopping herself to look as though she’s got an entirely “new face,” Meanwhile, you can check out the Reddit thread below.

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Shubham Banerjee

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